Tower Hill 2015

Tower Hill 2015

Please support my newest curatorial effort with your tax-deductible donation to the Tower Hill 2015 campaign!

I am gearing up for next years exhibit of multimedia works by recent PaFA alumni at Tower Hill Academy in Wilmington, DE.

A group of recent PaFA alumni come together with DIY sensibility, and within a contemporary framework, to inspire the very young artists of Tower Hill Academy. In light of the creative diversity of our class and inspired by the educational environment of the space, I am combining video and installation art with traditional media painting and sculpture. This show will be my first professional curatorial experience. I have asked a close friend and fellow alum to help curate the exhibit and provide technical expertise, and I have asked a group of fellow PaFA grads and professional artists to participate in the exhibit. The exhibition will showcase the artists’ personal creativity as well as the constructive tension between their works. It will also provide unique educational enrichment for students of the academy.

The “Tower Hill Show” is held annually at the Pierre S. du Pont Art Center Gallery at Tower Hill Academy featuring PaFA Graduate Students and alumni, as well as Post-Baccalaureate students. This annual, month-long exhibit has showcased the individual talents of graduate students and instructors, as well as offering grade school students educational programming and exposure to professional, emerging art. The winter 2013 exhibition was featured on The Art Blog, and this past winter’s exhibit featured PaFA alum Philippa Beardsley and PaFA instructor Mark Blavat in a cooperative and collaborative exhibit of painting, sculpture, and collage.

For the upcoming exhibit, I would like to give these inspired and personal efforts more attention by providing services for the artists in the way of digital equipment, and by archiving their work and words on DVD. These tools will allow the artists more freedom and notoriety, while also giving the students of Tower Hill a permanent educational asset. I hope to take this ongoing project to the next level through these new methods, and I hope you will help me to get there!


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